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Add brands to your VEEIP account to let them follow you and get personalised offers and rewards in return. Simply link the payment cards you already use to shop and VEEIP does the rest. No coupons, no codes, no extra plastic


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How VEEIP works

  1. Sign up free

    Create your account and get VEEIP'd in under 90 seconds

  2. Add brands & join crowds

    You're in control. Only the brands you add can follow you and get to know you a little better

    VEEIP complies with GDPR regulations relating to personal data

  3. 3Receive VEEIPs (promotions)

    Get the recognition you deserve from the brands you love in the form of personalised promotions and much more

  4. Link payment card(s)

    Allow VEEIP to identify your purchases at VEEIP Brands

    VEEIP will never ask for your card security details and complies with PCI-DSS regulations relating to card data

  5. Shop online or in-store

    Simply pay in full directly at your brands using the payment card(s) that you have linked to your VEEIP account so VEEIP can automatically redeem your VEEIPs

  6. VEEIPs automatically redeemed (cashback)

    Your rewards (the value of your VEEIPs) will appear in your bank account or via your account statement

    VEEIP will allow you to send rewards to charities of your choice (coming soon)

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Introducing VEEIP

Build your personal community. Sign up, tell your friends, add brands and vote or campaign for others that you want to join. Leave a comment so brands can see why you want them

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