VEEIP revolutionises the way that consumers interact with brands and ensures that we are fairly compensated for our custom.

Until now, you've probably signed up to a plethora of products – apps, newsletters, reward programmes and the like - where your data has been made available without you necessarily benefiting. Your data may even have been harvested by brands as part of their normal terms of service and used or sold without you receiving any share of the value.

VEEIP offers a seamless universal marketplace, where you retain control of your data and invite brands into your world in return for personalised and privileged relationships. You give brands access to your data and can terminate this at any time by removing them from your account.

By linking your payment cards, VEEIP identifies the transactions you make at your chosen brands, whether you pay online or in-store. This allows VEEIP to help these brands to understand a little more about you in return for personalised rewards/offers (VEEIPs) which you can access anytime, anywhere.

VEEIPs are automatically redeemed via cashback (to your linked card) so you never miss out. No vouchers, no coupons, no QR codes, no extra plastic or apps. It's effortless.

VEEIP is mainly funded by participating brands and is FREE for you to join. When you redeem a VEEIP, we'll deduct 10% of the value you receive from participating brands as your contribution towards the costs of the service, unless stated otherwise.

Everyone wins.

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