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Power to the people

VEEIP believes that important people should receive effortless experiences. So we built a platform for YOU to get personalised rewards and experiences directly from your favourite brands...

If you wanted to understand the power of the collective, there is no better time. COVID-19 has reminded us that we are one global community; our lives are inter-connected.

Brands enrich our lives in countless ways yet without us, they die. With technology easily accessible on our smart phones, it's time that we gave brands the opportunity to get to know us individually so that can show us how much they value our custom - we call it LOVE. BACK.

VEEIP is the new platform that allows you to offer multiple brands of your choice access to your data in exchange for personal and effortless experiences. You're important and we want you to feel that way.

Join VEEIP and open up a world of intelligent offers, rewards and perks that are accessible wherever and whenever you need. VEEIP is simple, secure and effortless. Just link your payment cards, add your favourite brands and VEEIP automatically redeems your offers and rewards via cashback (push-to-card) when you pay online or in-store. No extra cards, no extra apps, no extra hassle!

Brands go where you go so vote or campaign for your favourite brands to join and let them show you just how important you (and your data) are.

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