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The Law Society joins forces with VEEIP

The Law Society appoints VEEIP as exclusive provider of a range of lifestyle benefits for its members and staff of associated law firms...

The Law Society has appointed VEEIP as exclusive provider of a range of lifestyle benefits for its legally qualified members and staff of associated law firms, the "Law Society Crowd".

The appointment was made after a detailed evaluation and review of VEEIP's unique platform and capability. The new relationship supports the Law Society's aim to be engaging and relevant to each individual member as well as the community that supports them.

Alec Welland, Director, Commercial & Partnership at the Law Society noted "Most offers programs are generic 'me too' platforms offering little value and where the same promotions are made available to the entire market. We wanted to ensure that we have the capability to deliver experiences that are truly valuable and for the program to be community-driven, thereby reflecting the lifestyles of our members and the wider legal community."

Registration with VEEIP is via a secure customer portal where users register, opt-in to their preferred brands and link their existing payment cards, all within minutes. The payment cards that users register enable VEEIP to automatically redeem any promotions offered by participating brands, without the need for loyalty cards, coupons or codes. Exclusive Law Society offers are delivered automatically once members affiliate themselves to the Law Society Crowd via the VEEIP Platform.

The net effect is that Law Society Crowd members receive personalised experiences they value and participating brands have the opportunity to acquire and engage with an important and valuable demographic, with no up-front marketing costs. The collaboration ensures that everyone wins.

VEEIP is immediately available to all Law Society members and their colleagues who can also vote and campaign for brands. Interested brands are also invited to contact VEEIP HQ.

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