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VEEIP is live

What's behind the new technology that enables consumers to put their data to work...

What does it take to enable you to receive personalised promotions from all of your favourite brands in a single place, anywhere and any time, with cashback rewards redeemed automatically when you pay with your existing payment cards?  

After all, it's your data and you should be in control, right?

Well, it's something like this:

* a secure, fully bespoke, privately hosted technology platform running dedicated servers capable of handling large volumes of transactions with a second, dedicated independent failover

* regulatory compliance covering GDPR and PCI DSS including multiple 3rd party testing and audits

* multiple partnerships with infrastructure, hosting, data and content providers

* access to VISA, MasterCard and American Express transaction data

* key patents granted with additional patents pending as well as trademark registrations in multiple jurisdictions

* most importantly, a significant amount of cold hard sweat over many thousands of man days!

We've invested a huge amount of love and hard work to create VEEIP and now it's over to you...if you believe, like us, that you should retain control of your own data and make it work for you, then please sign up and help us give you what you truly deserve...

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