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VEEIP Law Crowd supersedes Law Society Crowd

A new VEEIP Law Crowd launches on 27 April 2023, replacing the Law Society Crowd which closes at midnight on 26 April 2023.

The Law Society Crowd currently offers a range of lifestyle benefits to its legally qualified members and staff of associated law firms. Similarly, the new VEEIP Law Crowd will offer a range of exclusive benefits to qualified lawyers and staff of law firms, with the potential to offer a wider range of benefits. Additional Crowd Member incentives aimed at driving the growth of the new Crowd will be announced in due course.

Law Society Crowd Members will be notified when their Membership has been terminated and existing Law Society Crowd Promotions will automatically close.

In accordance with VEEIP’s Member Terms and Conditions which requires Member opt-in to Brands and Crowds, existing Members of the Law Society Crowd will receive an email notification with a simple opt-in to join the new VEEIP Law Crowd.

All members of the legal community who meet the eligibility criteria for the VEEIP Law Crowd are invited to join via the link below.

Join VEEIP Law Crowd

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