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Ocushield® is a health care lead digital brand created by optometrists, eyecare experts and sleep therapists with a mission to transform eye health in the digital age. As thought leaders on blue light we look to transform the eye health of a tech obsessed world. With screens becoming an integral part of our lives, our medically rated blue light blocking products help to keep your eyes feeling fresher and improve sleep quality after screen time.

What is blue light?
Blue light is a segment of the visible light spectrum responsible for keeping you alert. It’s naturally present in sunlight, but it's also concentrated in the light that comes out of your digital devices – phones, tablets, laptops, everything! And that’s not a good thing.

Ocushield® is the world’s first and only medically-rated blocking technology - the user can work on their computer, tablet and smartphone with less vision and ocular fatigue. For all those who work regularly in front of screens and attend online meetings, this is a must.

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