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Season 1, Episode 1 - Introducing VEEIP

Join our community and help shape the future of brand engagement...the future is in your hands

We're opening our doors for the very first time, eager to know what you think about VEEIP and how you feel about using this new way of engaging with your favourite brands.

But first, we'd like to use this as an opportunity to explain a little about our ethos.  We believe that your custom should be rewarded with personalised experiences from the brands you love, based upon a fair exchange of value.  That means that if you're a great customer, they should reward you with something that's a little more special than they might otherwise.

And since that's what we're about, we're also walking our own talk.

So, Season 1 of VEEIP's journey is about rewarding those of you who sign up to VEEIP and support us to get noticed by adding and voting for brands and crowds, actively engaging with the platform and sharing to social media (amongst a whole host of other things that we're keeping a secret).

In turn, we'll ensure that we recognise you as being that little bit special and offer you the best of what VEEIP can offer, now and always.  For now, we'll permanently remove any of the Member fees for the first 10,000 Members (Early adopters), as long as you have at least 1 linked payment card.  Other rewards will be notified in due course.

Does that sound fair and reasonable and perhaps the sort of model that you think the world should really operate on - you've got our back and we've got yours...?

We look forward to seeing you on the Platform and to helping you to get some LOVE. BACK. from your favourite brands.  The future is in your hands...see you there!

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