Short on sleep and energy? Empowering your best health

Complete Me - Short on sleep and energy? Empowering your best health

Here at Complete Me we are delighted to be able to help support the wellbeing of The Law Society. Whilst we fully believe the most important part of nutrition is a full and varied healthy diet, in many cases, working long and unsociable hours, this is often very difficult.

Complete Me’s blended nutritional supplements are designed to target the most common issues seen by qualified nutritionists, including our own, Natalie Le Bouedec. Every product is a blend of nutrients all targeted for that particular problem, helping you get what you need without taking multiple capsules. So, as a law professional if you are suffering from sleep or energy issues, our products can assist, in addition to many other common wellbeing problems.

We use the most absorbable forms of the vitamins and minerals available to ensure you see the best results, and 5 out of 6 products are Vegan friendly. The products are made in the UK, all products are packed in reusable glass bottles, meaning no single-use plastic, and 5% of net profits are donated to charity. Included in each box is a Wellness Diary, which can help track and monitor the progress of the supplements, enabling compliance.

The team at Complete Me have made it their mission to empower you to feel and look your best by providing high-quality nutritional support.

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